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Our Team

Colin Mather ▪ Owner of The Seafood Shop
The Hamptons’ iconic seafood mecca in Wainscott, New York.

Colin Mather is one of America’s most renowned fishmongers. Mr. Mather, a Hampton’s native, attended Sag Harbor’s Pierson High School, and soon became an apprentice fishmonger and protégé for then founder and original Seafood Shop owner, the late John Haessler. On January 1, 2000, Colin Mather purchased The Seafood Shop, becoming only the second owner of the almost half century-year-old year old venerable fish market, kitchen and caterer. Mr. Mather also gives credit to his father, Jack, who helped instill The Seafood Shop’s motto, “The Freshest Fish, The Finest Choice.”

The Seafood Shop, situated midway between the towns of Southampton and East Hampton, on the famous Montauk Highway, attracts countless A-List clientele, from investment bankers to local fishermen, world renowned chefs to mega home builders, along with the regular cadre of celebrities including Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Richard Gere, Jimmy Buffet, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Ina Garten, Alec Baldwin and Matt Lauer.

When not overseeing the Hamptons finest fish shop, kitchen and catering company, Mr. Mather spends time with his two young boys.


Alex Fausto ▪ GM 

Alex, our friendly, and many times comedic retail store manager hails from Tampico, Mexico. His family started him off in the retail environment very early on. His mother, "Mama Rosa" an owner of several retail clothing stores, taught Alex how important it is to make sure the customer is happier when he's walking out than when he walked in. Alex went on to hold important position in local Mexican government, as well as managed shrimp companies on The Gulf of Mexico.

Depending on how long you've been in The Hamptons, you may recognize Alex from his days on the floor at Nick and Toni's or Rowdy Hall. Alex, then began with The Seafood Shop in 1999. Whether it's knowing almost every customer by his/her first name to also knowing what they like and don't, his rapport with our customers is legendary.

Just remember one thing about Alex, you'll always hear him before you see him!








Cesar Baldit  ▪ Chef

Cesar, our top chef in The Seafood Shop takeout kitchen is the epitome of goodness, kindness and we haven’t even touched upon his talent!

Cesar, like our manager Alex, hails from Tampico, Mexico. In fact, Alex and Cesar go back many years together. You might even say “brothers from another mother.” Cesar took a slightly different path and found himself gravitated toward the culinary arts. Whether it be kitchens in Mexico or on the East End, Cesar quickly honed his skills which eventually landed him with The Seafood Shop.

There is one word that you will rarely hear out of Cesar’s mouth. That’s the word “no”. He is simply unafraid to take on a new challenge in the kitchen. Why? It’s his unflinching confidence in his own abilities. His taste buds are second to none and mastery of spices and herbs is legendary. Whether it be Paella that’s fit for Spanish Royalty, Bouillabaisse that even the French admit to being “fantastíc”, or a Fish and Chips platter that working men and women of The Hamptons drive miles for, Cesar Baldit puts his heart and soul into each and every dish.

The Freshest Fish, The Finest Choice - 40 Years & Thriving!